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Ready for a challenge small enough for you to accomplish but big enough to have impact on your referral generation? Then it’s time to challenge yourself to up your referral generation skills so 2018 can be your best year yet! 


  • Beginning March 23rd, for 15 days, you will receive a daily challenge which will arrive in your inbox. 
  • Each daily challenge will be a quick video for you to watch and take action on.
  • Each daily challenge fits into one of three categories: Mindset Shift, Getting Prepared, Taking Action
  • I encourage you to mark time on your calendar to watch the video and complete the daily challenge EVERY SINGLE DAY of the challenge.

In 2007 I decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and left my safe W-2 job to join a small company as a partner. A year later, I had a client encourage me to leave that firm and start my own company. They would become my first and biggest client for two years. Until they weren’t, and eventually that business would fail. It was painful.

So, when I started my second company, I knew I had to have a successful way to bring on new clients. I set out to crack the code on generating referrals WITHOUT asking and crack it I did.  

I have been able to generate more than 100 referrals every year for 4 years now. In my first year alone as a business coach, I generated 112 referrals that I did not ask for. And I want to help you do the same! 

Stacey Brown Randall


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